Revitalization of the former May 9th Mine

The PODOLUPARK project envisages the revitalization of the former May 9th Mine complex and creation of a technological, industrial and scientific park combining manufacturing, commercial, research and educational activities. Our goal is not only to revitalize the former mine complex, but above all to create an innovative industrial zone offering exceptional synergies between the individual activities that will take place here. The plan is remarkable in all aspects. A disused and unattractive brownfield will be the site for unique and modern plasma gasification technology that will utilize and upcycle waste. These facilities will work closely and symbiotically with an industrial park that is desperately needed to stimulate economic development in the region. At the same time, space will also be created to encourage academic research and development with practical applications based on the results. The center is conceived to be energy independent with the potential of supplying clean energy locally, which will reduce reliance on conventional combustion energy sources and thus improve air quality in the Ostrava region.

Respect for the environment, innovation and sustainability will, in conjunction with development efforts, help retain employment in the Karvina region and will overall be enormously beneficial for everyone who lives here.

Project implementation will begin in the second half of 2021 and is expected to take five years to complete


"Based on assessment No. 2/15/2021, the Regional Standing Conference has approved the project as a strategic project with high transformative potential and recommends that it be included in the Territorial Just Transition Plan (PSÚT) and its activities funded under the Just Transition Operational Program, provided they are in line with the directives of the Just Transition Fund."