Utilization of landfill gas

Ďáblice Landfill Project

The first project to use landfill gas for the combined production of heat and electricity in the CR. Landfill gas from two of the largest municipal and business waste landfills in Prague has been producing electricity and heat in co-generation units for the entire Letňany housing estate in Prague since 1999.

In this project PDI installed the technology for collecting and pumping landfill gas, along with a 6-kilometer-long gas pipeline to the Daewoo Avia complex, a co-generation heating plant with an output of 4 MWe and 15 MWt, a heat conduit supplying 2,000 apartments in the Letňany housing estate and also 4 exchanger stations. Since 2002, PDI has been operating the facility in cooperation with TEDOM Třebíč, a manufacturer and operator of co-generation units. The project, which has been operating for over 20 years, is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic and not even surrounding countries have experience with such a comprehensive application using landfill gas as a renewable energy resource.