We’re closing the loop of the circular economy

We are driven by an innovative approach primarily applied to the generation of renewable energy. We specialize in waste-to-energy technology based on the production of climate-friendly gas obtained from waste at high temperatures.

We offer modern thermal waste processing technologies that can power your company while at the same time addressing your waste management needs. Upon request we can prepare a client feasibility study detailing how our technologies can improve your business.

We are PDI - Progressive, Dynamic and Innovative since 1999

Our Technologies

We offer our own technological solutions based on medium- and high-temperature waste gasification. na středně a vysoko-teplotní stupeň zplyňování odpadu.

The processing line consisting of a medium-temperature rotary reactor continuously connected to a high-temperature reactor is even able to process materials that cannot otherwise be used, producing either materials or energy. Possible feedstock includes unrecyclable plastics (plastic composites), non-metal waste from car crushers, sludge that cannot be used agriculturally or other organic compounds at volumes of up to 1 ton of waste per hour. 8,000 hours of operation annually = 800 tons of waste converted into energy.

The end products of this process are purified synthesis gas (produced without any emissions) and inert glass residue (vitrified slag). Only synthesis gas created in this way can be used as a substitute for natural gas

Our circular economy partners

Our technology gives ends a new beginning. 

That’s why we know how to design custom solutions for any business aware of market turbulence and seeking to diversify their energy sources. Local and independent energy production enables these businesses to plan better, especially when our technology becomes part of the local technology mix.

We generate heat, electricity or synthesis gas for further use. All from your waste.

Current projects

Our company is currently working on several projects, all of which involve our two-stage high-temperature gasification approach. In all of these projects we collaborate with leading scientists with many years of experience in the field. 

We place an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact, maximizing energy efficiency and implementing effective design solutions. 

We excel with our know-how and experience, fully on display in the NAVI-MED 500 project NAVI-MED 500