Our circular economy partners

Our technology gives ends a new beginning.

Our technology is intended for companies requiring a great deal of energy for their operations (especially electricity or natural gas), as well as those generating considerable amounts of waste with no further use.

Ideal customers may:

  • be involved in energy-intensive production (especially using natural gas),
    • for example: metal foundries.
  • • focus on automotive production,
    • for example: the production of automotive products or handling of automotive waste.
  • handle or process discarded industrial waste (rubber industry, processing of old appliances, etc.).
  • have their own source of waste (especially from their own production).
  • • operate as a waste management company or entity responsible for a large amount of waste (for example: municipalities or companies handling waste).
  • be part of the local energy mix.
  • want to process waste more efficiently.


Examples of energy-intensive industries:

  • Glassworks
  • Brickworks
  • Ceramic works
  • Processing of refractory materials etc.


Certain holding companies have intersecting needs – by the nature of their comprehensive business model, they have large energy input requirements and also produce significant amounts of waste. In such cases, the effect of our technology is multiplied.

We create heat, electricity or synthesis gas for further use. All from your waste.

Our technology gives ends a new beginning – we are able to create

Purified synthesis gas, capable of substituting natural gas
Heat or electricity produced through co-generation
Synthetic fuel
Hydrogen, methanol or other substances for further use