Our company is currently working on several projects, all of which are associated with our two-stage high-temperature gasification approach. In all projects we collaborate with leading scientists with many years of experience in the field.

We place an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact, maximizing energy efficiency and implementing effective design solutions.

We excel with our know-how and experience. Below are some of our more interesting projects.

The NAVIMED system is a two-stage (medium- and high-temperature) thermal processing plant for medical and veterinary waste is designed for a complete and safe cycle beginning with waste intake and ending with energy recovery.

This system with an operating capacity of up to 500 kg/hr is installed on a special riverboat – the Shipdeck. Thanks to the use of highly efficient technological principles, sophisticated control system and safe operation of the entire process, any potential environmental impacts are minimized. The design is flexible enough to handle a wide range of medical waste with varying calorific values while maintaining complete functionality and operational safety.

The combination of the two thermal phases of the process leads to the complete breakdown of the carbon chains of the organic part of the waste, also breaking the bonds of the pollutants present in it (e.g. chlorine, fluorine, sulfur and heavy metals). This then allows for the effective and complete purification of the flue gases generated.